Grand Theft Auto IV (GTA 4) ROM (ISO) for PS3 Emulator (RPCS3)

Grand Theft Auto IV ROM (ISO) is the file in ISO format to be able to run Grand Theft Auto IV on a PlayStation 3 emulator. Grand Theft Auto is another of the most successful sagas in the world of video games, which has triumphed on all platforms on which it has been available including the PlayStation 3.

Grand Theft Auto IV (GTA 4) ROM

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For those who do not know it is an open world game, with RPG components, in which we will embody an American citizen who will be immersed in a multitude of adventures worthy of Hollywood. In addition our character can go customizing it with clothes, skills, weapons, accessories, vehicles … everything you can imagine, yes if something rules America is the money, and it is what we will have to take into account in Grand Theft Auto. This time we have a special edition of GTA which includes Grand Theft Auto 4 and episodes of Liberty City: The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony. One of the strongest points of the GTA of the last generations among which is GTA 4 is the online mode, which has several game modes. Enjoy great adventures in Grand Theft Auto IV.

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Download Grand Theft Auto IV ROM (ISO) for PlayStation 3 Emulator (RPCS3)

To download Grand Theft Auto IV ROM in ISO format for your PS3 Emulator you have to follow the steps below:

  1. Download the game Grand Theft Auto IV for PlayStation 3 Emulator from the link below:
  2. Download Grand Theft Auto IV ROM (ISO) for PS3 Emulator
  3. In case your operating system indicates it, grant permissions to download from unknown sources by clicking on the “show all” tab which will give you the option to “download anyway”.
  4. Wait for the ROM (ISO) file download to complete.
  5. Locate the folder in which the download was performed. It can be in two locations:
    1. In your operating system download folder. If you have not selected any location you will find it here.
    2. In the location you selected at the beginning of the process, at the time of downloading.
  6. Once you have the file downloaded and located, you will have to unzip it and install it in the emulator. We explain how to do it in the following section.

Install Grand Theft Auto IV ROM (ISO) for PS3 Emulator (RPCS3)

To install Grand Theft Auto IV ROM (ISO) for your Sony PlayStation 3 Emulator (RPCS3) you can follow the following explanation that we give you step by step:

  1. Locate the PlayStation 3 Emulator you have installed, for example, the RPCS3 emulator.
  2. Run the PS3 Emulator (RPCS3).
  3. Once you have it open, you will have to locate in the emulator menu an option that says “Boot Game” and select it by clicking on it.
  4. The file explorer of your operating system will open and you will have to go to the location where you have downloaded the ROM in ISO format.
  5. Once you are in the location of Grand Theft Auto IV ROM (ISO) you will have to click on it.
  6.  Click on the option that says “OK”.
  7.  Now you can enjoy Grand Theft Auto IV ROM (ISO) for RPCS3.
  8.  This process can also be done with original PS3 games in PKG format, in case we have them.